The 16 Best Yachts of 2016

Though different yachts appeal to different types of buyers, there’s never been any harm in window-shopping for the best, most stunning yachts on the market. And while personal style and preference is very much to each their own, according to The Coolist, there’s definitely a list of top yachts to own.

First on their list is the Hanse 315 — known for “family cruises — that’s filled with plenty of cabin space, high ceilings, and additional sleeping. It retails for upwards of $65,000. If trendsetting is more your style, The Coolist recommends the Solaris 50. For just $537,000, the Solaris boasts a “cross-breed between Italian crafting and the South American need for flair.”

But if you’re going for pure sport, the Hatteras GT60 is yacht for you. Costing roughly $2.25 million, the Hatteras is built for speed but comes with ample space and large windows. Dubbed the “floating green fortress,” the Arcadia Yachts Tortoise will set you back $13 million, but the 115-foot shell is eco-friendly, comes with several solar panels on board, rechargeable accessories, and twin MAN V-8 engines. Coming in at just over $1.1 million is the Jeanneau 64, with an interior designed by Andrew Winch. Picked by The Coolist for its “beauty inside and out,” the 64 takes simple, small design and amplifies it with stunning upgrades and amenities.

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