Terrafugia’s Flying Car

Inspired by modern-day science, technology, or simply Back to the Future, in late July Terrafugia released a clip highlighting the workings and performance of its TF-X Outer Mold Line flying car. The car, once up in the air, runs on electric motors and a 300hp engine, sits comfortably at a 200mph cruising speed, and doesn’t even require a runway for takeoffs and landings, Billionaire reports. The breakthrough vehicle can travel up to 500 miles and hold four passengers.

Because it holds pique interest in the industry, Terrafugia has shifted from shock-and-awe to the safety, simplicity, and convenience of the TF-X Outer Mold Line car. The brand has promised “maneuvering a TF-X flying car is statistically safer than driving an automobile on the roads,” noting that the TF-X will automatically be capable of avoiding other air traffic, restricted air space, and bad weather. Drivers will also have the option of switching between automatic or manual, just like they can in on-land vehicles.

Terrafugia promises pricing options will be released closer to the delivery date, adding that the development of the TF-X will take 8 to 12 years to finalize, and as new materials and manufacturing processes evolve and chance, the price may fall into a more affordable bracket.

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