‘Take My Picture’ Explores the Democratic World of the Street Style Star

GARAGE, the Russian culture magazine ace, produced a short film exploring the relationship between street style stars and fashion bloggers. Affectionately titled, “Take My Picture”, GARAGE highlights two striking trends in the nine-minute short: “Fashion editors,” the magazine team writes, “frustrated by the ensuing common outside of shows, and the rise of “peacocking” street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs.”

The fashion journalist, Tim Blanks, who pseudo-narrates, suggests the change is really all according to “glamour,” saying, “You know, people love glamour… Especially in hard times. And fashion offers an incredible escape.” While fashion editor and stylist Sabrina Marshall says the street style star is more “accessible” and, without saying it, common, “Maybe it’s more approachable for viewers to identify with street style than a magazine shoot; they’re dressed well, it’s out there, it’s easy access – they know where the shows are,” she says.

Though not everyone is as quick to embrace new-age photography. In the film, Phil Oh laments how now the scene outside the shows is more like “trench warfare” than the fond, welcoming world it once was.

But is the switching of hands from inside to outside the show for better – or worse?

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