Stephen Gordon Launches Guideboat Co.

Stephen Gordon, founder of Restoration Hardware is back — and his latest venture is taking sail in a big way. Guideboat Co. is the handiwork of Gordon’s nautical, nature-inspired upbringing; a celebration of life’s ruggedness, authenticity, honesty and sexiness. The business was the brainchild, years in the making, of Gordon’s roots. He was raised on the banks of Lake Champlain where he developed an appreciation for the guideboat which later translated into a desire to recreate an authentic, handmade version of the boat he so adored. He’s now selling a trio of handmade boats and an assortment of nautical goods.

The idea for Guideboat first popped into Gordon’s head in 2012. A year later, the northern California flagship store was opened. The American-made boats and gear was designed, constructed and built to last. Sourced from their country of provenance, Guideboat is committed to selling products that are entirely authentic.

The storefront sells specializes in women’s and men’s good as well as accessories, tools, gear and outlet goods. In addition to the namesake Guideboat, The Peapod and The Sabot are also available for purchase.

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