Six Stories on Soho

Founded on the foundation of the Prohibition era, Six Stories on Soho is a London-based venue offering a private members-club experience without the fee. Spanning six stories — The Lobby Bar, The Parlour, The Lounge, The Decantery, The Study, and The Loft — guests are encouraged to book anything from a table to a private room at the posh bars. According to, Cass & Hooper tapped Russell Sage Studio for the interior concepts. The result features William Morris wallpapers, lush fabrics and furnishings, smoky lounges inspired by the Prohibition, moody color schemes, Victorian vibes, velvety accent pieces, and leather-backed furniture, but the true brilliance of Sage’s designs stems from the fact that each bar boasts an interior personality of its own.

An announcement ahead of Six Storeys launch on the Camm & Hooper website announced the up-and-coming bar as “an enticing journey back to yesteryear, to an era of prohibition, when residents and visitors rebelled and congregated for an evening of pure decadence. Surrender inhibitions and allow the talented booze engineers to create unique cocktails, titillate the taste buds with delicious, home cooked, English food or invite all in sundry for an exclusive house party.”

As Six Storey’s website explains, The Lobby Bar is for when “you leave things to chance,” and features light bites, coffee, and a 50-plus cocktail menu. Overlooking Soho Square, The Parlour serves breakfast, afternoon tea, and an all-day menu. On the third floor, The Lounge was built for private dining and social events, with space for upwards of 25 dinner guests. Similar to The Lounge, The Dencatery is yours-for-hire space. The Study sits on the fifth floor and is available for private hire only, designed for personal, private meetings, receptions, and small functions. Like the four floors underneath it, The Loft was designed with private events in mind.

Bookings can be made online for Six Storeys.

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