Serge Becker’s New Foray: La Bodega Negra

Open for just two weeks, La Bodega Negra has instantly been embraced as a welcome addition to the London restaurant scene. The highly anticipated Soho spot is the latest take on modern Mexican fare by restauranteur Serge Becker. Best known for his highly successful New York ventures, Becker is viewing his newest restaurant in a unique light. In an interview with Nowness, Becker downplayed the comparison to his former restaurant in NYC. When asked if La Bodega Negra should be viewed as a London outpost of the NYC restaurant, Becker responded, “I’m not involved with La Esquina anymore, so this is a new project with a strictly local site-specific focus. It reflects our take on Mexican culture today. Most of it is personal and not concept driven.” Although La Bodega Negra does bear some striking similarities, including multiple dining rooms with varied menu offerings, there’s no question this place is unique. Outside of the typical growing pains associated with the initial launch, the reviews from critics and foodies alike have been fantastic. It appears Becker has yet another hit on his hands.

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