Serene, Yachting’s Most Beautiful New Mistress

The Serene yacht is the yachting game’s largest lady to date, built to an “exceptional standard” and fitting up to 24 guests in 134 meters of “sheer luxury.” With an interior designed by Reymond Langton and an exterior shaped by Espen Oeino, traveling on Serene is like cheating on every other yacht you’ve ever used and loved – only with Serene, there’s absolutely no remorse.

Launched by Fincantieri Yachts in 2011, motor yacht Serene took nearly four years to bring to fruition. Considered one of the “most technically advanced superyachts ever constructed,” Serene features seven decks, helicopter hangar and two landing platforms, storage space for a large submarine, hot and cold Jacuzzi tubs, ample space for al fresco dining, a wet bar, pizza oven, teppanyaki grill, bandstand, cinema, sauna, boardroom will full conference capabilities climbing wall and a more than comfortable sea water pool. There’s even a playroom equipped for children.

A 52-member crew is needed to comfortably operate the ship and serve its guests. Twelve cabins also call the Serene their home. Nemo Room, the master cabin, has its own private lift, an intimate underwater viewing room and glass walls. There’s also an observation lounge, domed fireplaces, an onboard library, a grand piano and a spa deck. She’s everything you could possibly ever want in a woman, right?

Only trouble is she’s not for sale.

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