Scene Network’s Exclusive Club Offers Members-Only Events and Entertainment

An invitation-only network, Scene Network is premiere culture, nightlife and events community. The site, a kaleidoscopic collection of a city’s finest and grandest locales, was first launched to provide members a platform to discover, access and experience the best in nightlife and entertainment wherever they were. From New York to Paris, Scene has covered the most luxe events, including the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Art Basel and peak season in Saint-Tropez.

And as the success of the site grows, so does the international presence. With a sprawling list of desirable clientele, Scene has become the leader in top tier entertainment and event grandeur.

Applications for membership are taken through Facebook as well as email to ensure that the online network continues to uphold its credibility and the value of its services. Members on Scene are welcome to enjoy cost-free reservations at lounges, venues and restaurants through a seamless system.

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