San Francisco’s Historic Clock Tower Hits The Market

When David Baker turned San Francisco’s Clock Tower Building into 127 modern live-work lofts in 1993, it was up to the imagination to guess just how enviable and stunning the space would one day become. Now, roughly 23 years later, the building’s penthouse loft is on the market — for the first time ever. The two-bedroom loft includes exclusive access to the three stories rising into the Clock Tower, and is priced at $8.5 million via Sotheby’s. According to Town & Country magazine, current owners Tom and Carol Burkhart, who’ve lived there since the loft was first idealized, couldn’t resist the space when they laid first eyes on it. “We’d just sit there in our living room, salivating thinking it would be amazing to live in that tower,” Burkhart told Town & Country magazine. “And then it went on the market and then we went to the open house. There were probably 50 people walking around. The place was so wide open. It was amazing.”

The loft stretches over 3,000 square feet and boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room complete with a glass-enclosed fireplace, a modern kitchen, and exposed brick walls, steel beams, and cathedral ceilings throughout the space. A wrap-around deck highlights views of AT&T Park, SoMa, the highway overlooking the Bay Bridge, and the downtown skyline. Of the arresting views, Burkhart told Town & Country, “It’s a piece of moving art. For 20-plus years, we’ve never gotten tired of watching the cars. You’re high enough to not have the lights shining into the space. You see the taillights of the cars slowly moving east returning to Oakland, and the headlights coming into the city. We’ve watched 300,000 people a day commute to and from the East Bay. It’s fun to be a part of this living art.”

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