Royal Ascot 2019

One of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world, Royal Ascot, will be returning late June to London. The race dates back to 1711 with the public first attending the event in 1813. Since then, Royal Ascot has become one of the primary luxury and social horse races are known around the world. This year’s event will take place between June 18 and the 22nd, hosting some of the world’s most notable horses and jockeys coming in the form of three separate group categories. Over the course of the five days of racing, races will be held along with events including fine dining, social opportunities, and a champagne celebration to kick off the much-anticipated event. Ascot also has gained recognition for the superior style their guests convey. An upscale dress code has been put in place for access drawing from the elegance that Royal Ascot was founded upon centuries ago.

When and Where the Royal Ascot Takes Place?

Guests are invited to the racecourse with gates opening at 10:30 on Tuesday the 18th of June. Ticket enhancement opportunities are available and include luxury boxes, Villiers Club access, Lawn Club access, and even private gazebos within the village to keep away from the sun. Royal Ascot is located alongside Great Windsor Park in the western region of London. Race fans can arrive to Royal Ascot via train or car. Average journey times from downtown London by rail is about 25 minutes and by car for about 50 minutes. Tickets and enhancement opportunities are still available and can be obtained through the Whale Global hospitality invitations.

Whale Insight on the Royal Ascot 2019

Beginning on that Tuesday the festivities begin and open to the public. Opening day hosts the Queen Anne Stakes with much of the anticipation surrounded by the three, group one races. Race times for all days begin at 2:30 and come to a close at 5:35. Wednesday is a bit less crowded than opening day. The group 1, Prince of Wales Stakes, is the highlight of day two. The Royal Hunt Cup, also featured on Wednesday is known for being one of the premier betting races throughout Royal Ascot. Day three, Thursday, hosts the most famous long distance race, the Gold Cup. With this excitement brings in more of the public making the grounds crowded compared to day two. Day four, Friday the 21st, boasts 6 total races including a one-mile race for group 1 entries. Day four is a great day for those visiting looking for a fantastic weekend getaway at Royal Ascot as the guests tend to be more vibrant and excited throughout the day. Finalizing the event comes the final day, Saturday the 22nd. An international staple of horse racing, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes will feature a group 1 race that finalizes the races with some of the best quality activities for all racing fans to witness. The final day also includes the Queen Alexandra Stakes, which is the longest flat race of all of the Ascot races.

Whale Recommendations on where to stay During the Royal Ascot 2019

Ascot has exclusive hospitality benefits for a variety of accommodation options all located close to the course. The Copthorne Hotel Slough -Windsor is a gorgeous option that provides guests with a large number of suite options available. The hotel includes 24-hour room service, an indoor swimming pool, and two separate restaurants onsite. The Copthorne also includes free parking on the premises and is located about 8 miles from Ascot Racecourse. Ascot is provided with an exclusive room rate for racing fans at The Copthorne, which includes 10% off the rate, a free drink voucher for the bar, and a complimentary upgrade that allows access to the Leisure Club.

Next up on the list is The Hilton St. Anne’s Manor. This accommodation is in the form of a country estate sitting on 25 acres of land about 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport. This location is closer to the course is about 6 miles away. The hotel features a traditional English interior style and rooms convey a warm and inviting finishes. The vast, beautiful estate makes for a relaxing and contemporary feel while putting guests just a short drive to Royal Ascot Complimentary VIP amenities through Ascot is currently available, although are limited.

For more of a quaint and traditional accommodation option, the Macdonald Windsor Hotel is the best choice. This is the closest option the course at only 5 short miles away and the hotel sits right across from the gorgeous Windsor Castle. Traditional English accents style the interior of the townhouse surrounding guests with the culture of Royal Ascot. Macdonald Windsor also boasts a fantastic and stylish cocktail bar and lounge for relaxing after a long day at the racecourse. Ascot also provides its guests with 10% off room rates for this option as well as free English breakfast and wireless connection. For a simplistic and convenient accommodation option for Royal Ascot, the Macdonald Windsor Hotel is the best option.

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