ROLEX Celebrates 10 Years of Creative Collaboration

The ROLEX Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative works to bring together promising young artists and artistic masters across seven different disciplines for a year of creative collaborative. The one-on-one mentorship program has evolved greatly in its first ten years, but the messaging behind the initiative has remained the same: Enrich and empower the conversation between generations of artists in order to make a contribution to global culture.

A peek at the 2014-15 collaboration reveals Kaija Saariaho and Vasco Mendonça have partnered for a musical collaboration, Michael Ondaatje and Miroslav Penkov together for literature and Anejandro Iñàrritu and Tom Shoval together for a film experience unlike any other. For a full look at the mentors, their protégés and a preface of what their work will feature, visit the ROLEX Mentor and Protégé website [link:].

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