Restoration Hardware’s Enviable Status in the Art World

The luxury furniture retailer has added to its high-end résumé: RH Contemporary Art, conceived from a desire to feature international artists and their notable works on a global, grander scale.

Focusing on showcasing the narrative behind these newly created contemporary works, RH Contemporary Art will offer behind-the-scenes access to the artistic progress, which, in most cases, is never seen. In doing so, the hope is to bring a broader visibility to the expression of an artist’s true work. The diverse and distinctive program features two resources: the online gallery and the art gallery.

The online gallery was designed so that buyers and supporters alike could learn about the featured artwork, as well as purchase it. High-resolution images offer the most true-to-scale photographs of the original content. Documentaries run parallel to the images to provide readers with an intimate view of the work and the artist. Also on hand are Dedicated Art Specialists, available to assist potential buyers wherever their need may be: From growing their personal collection to fielding questions on shipping, installation, framing and packaging.

The New York gallery is a commercial gallery in New York’s Chelsea district. The neighborhood, known for its passion for the arts, houses a six-story building constructed in the 1920s; it’s here that the Gallery will call home. The location will also feature the on-going artist-in-residence program, which aims to support international artists by highlighting the new directions their practice has taken on. Open six days a week from 10am to 6pm, collectors are free to roam the gallery, making purchasing or watching videos pertaining to the art in the lower-level rooms.

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