Ranking The World’s Best Hotel Amenities

Jetsetter put together a list of the leading hotels providing guests with the most amazing amenities that, literally and figuratively, one-up the competition and raise the bar on a high-class stay. Well beyond free soaps, shampoos, and complimentary breakfast buffets, these 11 hotels are going above and beyond to ensure their patrons are well-cared-for and adored on their luxe getaways.

The list begins with Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa in Nicaragua, which touts feng shui, positive energy, and Aura architects who customize your room to best suit your needs, among its reasons to visit. They’ll even take you on a forest bathing excursion, an enlightenment session, and give you a one-on-on meeting with the Spa’s healer. In Canada, the Post Hotel & Spa on Lake Louise boasts a private outdoor rink.

At The Farmhouse in Rutherford, California, guests are treated to free tours of the Sonoma valley winery on Thursday nights and will even leave a handpicked bottle that suits your flavor palate by your bedside. Further south, at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico, guests are treated to the all-new signature ale exclusive to the hotel made by Guadalajara-based brewery Cervecería Minerva.

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