Porsche Loses at Le Mans, Wins at High-Profile Premieres

Though Porsche fell to their long-time rival Audi at the Le Mans competition earlier this year, the makers of the most luxury vehicle didn’t have time to pout; instead, they were proudly strutting around after the high-profile debut of the 911 Carrera S Martini Racing Edition.

Made with their signature stripes, the Carrera S features a 2.8-liter flax six with 400 horsepower, black leather sport seats, a Bose sound system and upgraded aerodynamics. The brand’s brand-new whip pays tribute to its forefathers, like the 917 and the 935 “Moby Dick,” but proudly sets itself apart from the car manufacturer’s detailed history with modern detailing and accessories.

The 911 Carrera is limited to just 80 units and sold only in select European, Chinese and Japanese markets. The June launch featured sales exclusively across Europe in Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Finland, Great Britain and Cyprus. This month, the Carrera is available all across China. Lastly, the Carrera will make its debut in the Japanese and Latin American markets. As part of the sale, Porsche Tequipment will sell exclusive a Martini decal set in both Germany and surrounding markets to buyers.

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