Perfecting the Superyacht

Born out of the desire to make the yachting world bigger, better, and much more glamorous, the superyacht has taken shape as the latest premiere boating structure – bigger, better, and much more glamorous than its pint-sized predecessor. Wallpaper suggests superyachts are the product of its “deep-pocketed clients” unable to internalize the word “no”. But the reason why superyachts exist has become a moot point: they’re here, they’re huge, and they’re traveling coast to coast.

Earlier this year, Superyacht Design’s Symposium, sponsored by Swarovski, was only further proof superyachts have become a mainstay in the industry. Behind panelists Fredrickson Stallard and Piero Lissoni, the annual get-together allowed industry giants to preview new and future directions, and others took home the coveted “Neptunes” at the Showboats Design awards. Swarovski also commissioned American architect Greg Lynn to create a sail-like structure in the conference room, and Martin Francis was in charge of “showing some shimmering interior finishes” throughout the remainder of the space.

The rise of superyachts, Wallpaper believes, may be due in part to those “lucky enough to write cheques of this size do so because they want to engage with the process and not simply turn up when everything is done.” Whatever the reason, however, superyachts have made a vast impression.

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