Navdy: The Future of Hands-Free

When you’re on the road, glancing down every five seconds to keep in line with your Smartphone’s map service is life threatening. And your GPS is untrustworthy. But there’s a breakthrough transportation map provider on the market that’s planning to eliminate the whiplash-inducing “what’s next” question entirely: Navdy.

Navdy’s breakthrough technology utilizes a heads-up display (HUD) to transfer everything coming to your phone – directions, texts, and emails – onto a translucent display that floats just six feet in front of the driver’s face. You can answer calls, check emails and follow directions without ever taking your eyes – or hands – off the wheel and the road. Voice controls and hand gestures (left, right or give a thumbs up) control how and where you send your messages. It seamlessly syncs with both iPhone and Android Smartphones and automatically pulls in your car’s RPM, speed and fuel economy.

Navdy remains in an early-adopter stage while they gauge interest on just what the consumer wants in a product like this – and how much they’re willing to pay for it. Navdy is accepting preorders now for $299 and they plan to start shipping out sometime in 2015.

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