Monocle Launches Travel Guide Series

Monocle is adding another notch to its well-rounded belt: travel guide publisher. The online destination has launched a series of travel guide books for sale both in-store and online, kicking off with London and New York offerings. If you’re looking to hit the heart of a city without flailing through tons of tourist traps, Monocle offers a simple, affordable solution.

The books, each clocking in under 200 pages, reveals Monocle’s take on big cities and offers tourists a how-to on exploring each one. Local retail favorites, must-try cafés, neighborhoods to check out, and activities are included in each guide, peppered with the beloved Monocle humor, opinion, tone, and style.

Both New York and London editions are for sale for a little more than $10 USD and will soon be followed by releases for taking on Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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