Meet Artist Erin D. Garcia

LA-based fine artist and musician Erin D. Garcia has become quite the staple in the artist community. His work is widely revered for its purity of vision and execution in each and every one of his efforts.

When his career first launched, Garcia’s works were dubbed “monochromatic stack pieces” but have since grown to include a spectrum of colors, variations, vibrancy and elements that no longer fit into just one box.

Sharing his vision candidly with The Poetry of Living, Garcia revealed, “I don’t really see my drawings as dealing with geometry or mathematics in a serious way, I am using shapes and curves but they’re mostly intuitive and don’t originate from any geometric formula. The closet I get mathematics is my use of permutations and repetition but I believe that comes more from a certain rhythmic sensibility and a growing interest to show all possible outcomes of a given arrangement.”

His current installation, which has been featured at the Standard Hollywood, produces a vivid primary-colored Zen of the artist’s work. They’re simple and deliberate, yet funky – a diatribe most artist’s struggle to create, let alone maintain.

When asked about the progression of his work, Garcia says, “I recently worked on a piece for Red Bull; 4-4-4, 4 Elements in 4 Colors with 4 Notes. It was the first time I’ve used the same concepts in my drawings to write music. With 4-4-4, the ‘elements’ weren’t just color and shape but also included note and octave. I’ve been digging into this idea of defining musical and visual elements as well as transferring drawing concepts to other non-visual mediums.”

Garcia’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts provide an honest view of the artist’s life outside of his work and offer a glimpse as to the inspiration he finds in the everyday that influences and enhaces his work.

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