Mardi Gras 2017

As New Orleans prepares to close out yet another season of Carnival, the city quickly transformed into costumed, feathered, and beaded mecca almost overnight. Beginning on February 24 and culminating in several day-long parades throughout the city, Mardi Gras marks the final Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday and 40 days of fasting begins. Marked by the season of “Carnival,” which brings about the Feat of Epiphany, Mardi Gras, the final Tuesday, starts at 8 a.m. in NOLA with a number of “krewes” (known as Carnival parade organizations) all throughout the city.

But this year’s thrilling experience wasn’t without its own share of controversy. Accused of injuring 28 people after driving pickup truck through a crowd, Neilson Rizzuto was charged with two felony counts. Yet as the city rallies for one more big, bedazzled celebration before Lent begins, the spirit of Louisiana won’t hold back in pulling out all the stops.

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