Lynk & Co. 01

Conceptualized, designed, and developed by Swedish engineers at Volvo, the Lynk & Co. 01 is the kind of car that drivers expect in the year 2016. It’s safe, drives well, is loaded with top-notch safety features and modern fixtures, but it also does something no other car on the market does: it’s self-serving. If you’re not using the car for a set number of hours, it’s created with technology to go and serve other drivers — but it’ll be back by the time you need it. Thanks to a unique digital key lock system, the car responds to your touch, and yours alone, so you’re never slapped with fees that don’t belong to you. You just use it, borrow it, and then just as easily, you forget it.

And when it needs servicing, the Lynk & Co. will automatically tell the dealership so that they’ll come and get it, leave a replacement for you, and return it when it’s good to go again. On its website, the Lynk & Co. description reads: “A new name, a new game. No rule books, no conventions, no traditions. Behind the new name lies unrivalled experience. It’s a global collaboration of experts in design, engineering, software and connectivity from industry leaders like Volvo, Microsoft, Ericsson and Alibaba.”

In a way, the 01 is all about sharing. It’s yours, mine, and ours. Lynk & Co. recognizes that just because you’re not using your car doesn’t mean others might need to, so it was created with built-in technology that allows it to do just that. The 01 comes with a fully loaded dashboard [link:], 10-inch touchscreen, and voice-control technology. A concierge button ensures that no matter where you are or what you need, there’s someone available to help you at all hours. The 01 was also made with an air-quality system that detects pollution and shuts vents. That same technology gives way to semi-automatic parking, wireless charging, a power tailgate, panoramic sunroof, and daylight running lights.

It’s an all-new kind of car for a modern, all-new kind of driver.

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