Limited Edition Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

Six exclusive Pininfarina Sergios are in the works for Ferrari, but if you never asked, you’d never know. The mum’s-the-word approach is nothing knew for the legacy brand, but the lack of awareness stings a bit more each time an undercover release makes news months after its initial production.

Pininfarina will be in charge of creating the cars – none of the work will take place at Ferrari – but the Ferrari 458s will donate all the mechanical, electrical, and structural components for the Sergio’s production. The long-time collaborator will also be responsible for the car’s custom coachwork.

Laidback and decidedly retro, the car is a two-seater that very much drew inspiration from the 512s Modulo and the 1967 Berlinetta. But the black and red flair keeps the car futuristic and untouchably modern.

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