La Marzocco GS3: The Perfect Pour, Personalized

Crafted by hand in Florence, the La Marzocco GS3 is the modern answer for an antique delicacy. While their commercial machines are staples in restaurants and cafes around the world, the GS3 now puts the perfect cup of espresso squarely in your kitchen.

Sized for the “perfect pursuit of the perfect shot,” owning a GS3 is like owning a piece of incredibly-poured history.

Designed to withstand wear, tear and the rigor of everyday use, the GS3 features a 3.5 liter dedicated steam boiler, two steam wand options (the Cool Touch and the Pro), a saturated grouphead, PID control, commercial-grade temperature control, Quick Key temperature adjustment and the ability to minimize the variables that impact flavor.

You can choose between two models for purchase: the Auto-Volumetric, designed for accuracy, retails for $6,900, and the Manual Paddle, designed for control, which retails for $7,100. Both models are completely customizable.

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