Journal Standard

With outposts all over the world, Journal Standard is more of a global talking point than it is a Japanese retail store. Four fashion lines in over 30 stores across the globe help to define the brand by offering customers American heritage-inspired workwear stripped down to its bare bones and tailored exquisitely. Beyond fashion, the brand’s arsenal also includes a slew of home goods stores as well as numerous cafes and restaurants.

The four lines include Journal Standard Luxe (high-end, quality workwear), Journal Standard L’essage (an edgy take on modern workwear), JS Homestead (a collection of eclectic, summer-inspired clothes), Relume by Journal Standard (comparable to J. Crew), respectively. The Japanese garment kingdom has even extended a hand to the home industry with the launch of Journal Standard Furnishings. To round out their multiplatform takeover, Journal Standard’s latest venture, J.S. Burgers Café, marks a merger between fashion and food.

Made for both men and women, the lines at JS are crisp and edgy, while still reserving an affectionate flair for the traditional American staples, like the denim jacket. The cuts are clean, reserved mostly for tonal colors. But hidden in the line are bold gems bursting at the seams with color and vibrancy. Permeability – and their ability to be and become whatever it is the customer is looking for at that very moment – is the company’s biggest asset.

Because of that, the name of the game is simple: Do a great thing right – and you can do it again and again. And so far, it’s worked beautifully.

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