Johnny Depp Returns In Whitey Bulger Biopic

On the heels of slew of lackluster debuts, Johnny Depp is set to return to full acting form in his latest leading role. Playing the haunting, dangerous Whitey Bulger in the film “Black Mass”, Depp portrays one of the most terrifying crime bosses in United States history.

Underneath bleach-blonde locks and tinted aqua contacts, Depp is a shot-for-shot double of the organized family crime boss. The film previews a sequence at a family dinner, providing a glimpse into the world of secrets, lies, money, and silence the mob boss was hailed for. As Bulger, Depp showcases just a glimpse of how ruthless the mad mob boss, now rotting away in a US prison, once was.

Depp stars alongside Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbach, Joel Edgerton, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller and dozens more. The movie is set for release in mid September of 2015.

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