John Oliver on FIFA and Who’s Really to Blame for Unruly World Cup Show

Even though Last Week Tonight host John Oliver isn’t the first to slam FIFA for their horrific and horrendous World Cup practices, he’s certainly this week’s loudest and most eloquent basher. Condemning the corporation for their under-the-table dealings and scandal, he called the sports organization “comically grotesque” and likened telling someone about the groups inner workers to first viewing the Two Girls, One Cup YouTube sensation: “You do it mainly so you can watch the horrified expression on people’s faces.”

Oliver went on to address FIFA’s notable illicit practices and their incredible misuse of Brazilian money to fit their own bills. “Think of money as pubic hair, and FIFA as wax. They’re going to be all over you during the World Cup, but when they go, they’re taking all the money with them, including some from places you didn’t even know you had money.”

Another point of contention for Oliver? The establishment’s insistence on selling alcohol during the games even though it’s in direction violation of Brazilian law.

The full clip, above, showcases just a snippet of Oliver’s opinion on who will be hosting the 2022 World Cup, which was distressingly won by Qatar. Citing the heat as just one factor (it can reach upwards of 122 degrees during the summer), Oliver raved, “You are hosting the World Cup somewhere where soccer cannot physically be played. That’s like if the NFL chose to host the Super Bowl in a lake.

Oliver, one, FIFA, nothing.

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