Jaguar Heritage Driving

Jaguar Heritage Driving Program is launching a new initiative offering the public a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive some of the most stunning and influential cars of the British carmarker’s 80-year story. The Jaguar Heritage Driving Program features more than 130 Jaguars, including a 1961 E-Type, a 1955 D-Type, 1946 C-Type and the 1936 SSI, but only nine cars will be available for test-driving.

The program takes place at the Fen End Test Track Facility, owned by Jaguar Land Rover. From March 27 through April 25, the program will open up 14 test-driving dates to the public. Prices range from $145 for 15 minutes behind the wheel of a MK II Coombs to more than $3,000 for a full day on the nearly 1.5-mile multi-surface track.

The program offers a host of different driving options: Grace & Pace, the full-day experience; the half-day Le Mans Experience; an array of 60-minute experiences with the E-Type Series I and II, the E-Type and F-Type, D-Type and F-Type R, and the MKII and XFR; and 30-minute experiences with the MKII, XK150 Passenger, XK150, E-Type Passenger, and the D-Type Passenger.

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