• David Zwirner Gallery, New York

Inside David Zwirner’s Magic

Known as both a gallerist and a dealer, David Zwirner’s raise to the peak of the art industry has very much been a Cinderella story, complete with all the trimmings. Though the carriage doesn’t turn back into a pumpkin at midnight, and there’s been no lost glass slipper, Zwirner is very much a success story. With a gallery space — Zwirner & Wirth — where he shows only his artists’ new work, he also maintains and traffics a secondary market on his own, selling collectibles he’s either gathered himself or pieces he’d been given on consignment.

A recent, in-depth profile of the prolific art dealer and gallerist, composed by longtime New Yorker staff writer Nick Paumgarten, shows the underbelly of a man that some believe single-handledly rules the art world. From his beginnings in Germany to his cliff-side home in Montauk, Paumgarten’s profile unveils the magic of Zwirner’s enviable success, one collectible at a time.

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