How High Rollers Play

The U.K. arm of Business Insider recently released its latest how-to. The profile dips inside the realm of real high-rolling VIP gamblers, turning over the nuances, characteristics, and traits that make the world’s biggest spenders tick. In the process, BI unearthed that the stereotypical trope – a James Bond lookalike in a trimmed and tailored tux at the Blackjack tables – doesn’t exactly fit anymore. Bank of America Merrill Lynch research analyst Shaun C. Kelley repots that, “Globally, high-roller play is heavily skewed toward the Asian gaming markets and is dominated by one game: baccarat.”

After looking at the analytics, high rollers aren’t the typical archetype popular TV and film has made them out to be. Yes, they still play by their own roles, but the games have changed. Baccarat, BI notes, is a game where players bet on whether the dealer or the player get closer or tie to a combination of “9” with the cards they’re dealt. In Macau, baccarat makes up 90 percent of the total gaming revenue, with 60 percent coming from the VIP portion.

The full profile can be found on Business Insider, which details not only how high rollers play, but what makes them so successful, too.

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