House of Cards Season 2 Trailer

The critically acclaimed show and Netflix powerhouse series, House of Cards, will hit Instant Play queues around the country on February 14th, 2014 and the latest trailer reveals just how chilling the show’s second season will be.

The teaser follows star Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood in all his glory: Underwood has finally found his seat at the table as Vice President. But trouble abounds Underwood’s conniving, manipulative draw for the nation’s top honors. Leaving viewers with the parting words, “hunt or be hunted,” you get a preview of the murky waters Underwood and his political team are willing to venture in to, as well as a peek into Claire Underwood’s very own monstrous ways.

Available in 4K definition (which coincides with Netflix’s promise to premiere all of their original programming in that resolution), the show stays true to all the drama of the first season, except now there’s no telling just how far Underwood will push the limits.

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