Hiut Denim’s ‘Makers and Mavericks’

Earlier this year, Hiut Denim compiled its annual list of 100+ Makers and Mavericks for the year. The principal Maker and Maverick was, again, Elon Musk, who also earned Hiut’s highest praise in 2014 because his “mission is to protect the human race, to help battle climate change,” and in doing so, Musk gave “all his patents away to other car companies.” Doling out awards in the tech, retail, wellbeing, food, creativity, music, sports, product categories, and even including all-new categories like “Platforms of Influence,” “Profit and Purpose,” “Brave Wales,” “For The Planet,” and Words That Matter,” Hiut has rounded-up more than 100 of the most important people, companies, and services that helped encapsulate 2015 and bring the world that much closer to safety and prosperity.

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