HFPA Donates Nearly $2 Million at Grants Banquet

On August 14th, Hollywood’s most notable names came together for a celebration of the arts. The star-studded evening, held at the Beverly Hilton, awarded more $1.9 million in financial grants to non-profit organizations and film schools throughout the country, and featured an broad array of Hollywood’s most revered actors and actresses.

The guest list included Kristen Bell, Sofia Vergara, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Morgan Freeman, Robert Pattinson, Andy Samberg, Anne Heche, Kerry Washington, Minnie Driver, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Jason Segel and dozens more, all accepting grants on behalf of different organizations. Some of the most notable winners were Sundance, Film Aid, University Grants, GlobalGirl Media, The Film Foundation, Outfest, American Film Institute and Film Noir, among others.

The Press Association president Theo Kingma took to the stage to pay tribute to the acting community’s most recent losses. Instead of a moment of silence, the room erupted in praise for the recently deceased Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams, both of whom passed away earlier this month. Kingma said, “Ms. Lauren Becall – a true legend representing the Golden Age of Hollywood – an icon of the silver screen for more than seventy years. Her work shall forever live on, in many cases due to those organizations we will be honoring this evening and specialize in film preservation.

“And of course, Robin Williams, a man, whose extraordinary comedic talents brought so much joy and laughter. He once explained why he liked meeting with our membership, saying, when the HFPA enjoys your film they’ll tell you they like your movie. If they don’t like your film, well, they just ask, “So how are the kids?” In light of tonight’s theme of philanthropy, we especially thank him for using his joyful talent, not just as an actor but also as a tool to help those in need through such charities as comic relief.”

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