Group Expeditions by Epic Tomato

Spawn from the adventure-seeking site Black Tomato, Epic Tomato is the extreme, spontaneous and exciting extension of the award-winning travel company that eggs even the most daring and adventurous on.

As the founders of Epic Tomato spell out so plainly on their site, the idea for the most bold and extreme adventures was born out of the belief that there needed to be some place within their network that offered travelers the “very best and rarest of life enhancing adventure travel experiences.

The epedition-led adventure offering hand picks trips within the Tomato portfolio – and it utilizes the same business model as its mother site: Create, plan and led expert expeditions across the world’s most geographically extreme destinations. Attracting adventurous, pioneers, and those who just want to scare themselves silly with sheer feer and excitement, Epic Tomato has enlisted the help of leaders with military- and expedition-led backgrounds to ensure that travelers are getting the most out of their exploratory adventure, while honoring their commitment to safety.

Would-be travelers get to choose between world first, river, polar, desert, jungle, mountain, river and epic weekend destinations that span from 4 to 20 days and stretch across the continents, ranging from pioneering trips to Canada and Wadi Rum in Jordan to the Mbarika Mountains in Tanzania and the White Nile in Uganda.

The next adventure is calling – and Epic Tomato has no plans to wait for you to pick up.

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