Grey Goose and SundanceTV Announce the Return of ‘Iconoclasts’

Following the incredible success of the fifth season of the award-winning ICONOCLASTS original series, Grey Goose Vodka and SundanceTV have announced that their groundbreaking work will be back for a sixth year. The show, which features a diverse cast, has catalogued everyone from the 2014 Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett and Tim Flannery to Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson, with this coming year’s cast promising to be just as thrilling and diverse as the show’s past.

The highly acclaimed profile series will debut summer of 2014 with six episodes, exploring the lives of two creative visionaries in an intimate setting. The unpredictable nature of the exchanges offers an unrefined and honest reveal of their work and the alchemy that flows within their respective industries. The juxtaposition and the creative multiplicity of the artists provide an unheard of, authentic opportunity to view two incredibly different artists work.

Sarah Barnett, SundanceTV’s General Manager, said of the sixth season pick up, “Over the last five seasons, Iconoclasts has featured extraordinary leaders and risk-takers from disciplines as varied as film, music, cuisine, science and business. The SundanceTV audience loves to watch these luminaries shed light on their unique experiences and inspirations. Season Six will deliver more of what our audience is craving.”

Led by the creative visionary and brand director of Grey Goose Vodka, Michelle D. Beauchamp, the roster of innovators on deck for season six promises to celebrate the best in music, art, cinema, cuisine, sports and philanthropy. “We are incredibly proud of the tremendous response to Iconoclasts and the opportunity to continue the tradition with this upcoming season. The level of brilliance that shines through in each and every episode is the perfect reflection of the lovers and leaders in life that have helped build the Grey Goose brand.”

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