Going Inside Thomas Flohr’s St. Moritz Home

The VistaJet founder’s humble abode, seated high above the St. Moritz ski resort in Switzerland, sits, what The New York Times Style Magazine calls, Thomas Flohr’s “James Bond-inspired home,” Ches’Avila. The seven-story, 35,000-square-foot structure constructed into the Suvretta mountainside features a library, cinema, wine cellar, spa, billboard room, squash court, pizzeria, and bowling alley. Populated with contemporary art and a “stream of mostly female staff,” it’s easy to connect the dots between how Bond lived and the ways in which Flohr does.

As chairman of VistaJet, Flohr helms a fleet larger than 55 Bombardier Global and Challenger private jets. Ferrying what Flohr refers to as “global citizens” back and forth to every corner of the world, VistaJet planes are paid for by the hour and offer one-way service for its guests (rather than bill them for a return flight they’re not on). Prior to VistaJet, only three options for private aviation — charter, buy your own plan, or purchase fractional ownership — but VistaJet offered travelers a solution: a subscription-based plane service that would allow customers to purchase a packet of hours every year that best suited their needs.

Then, in the mid-2000s, with his business flourishing, Flohr set his sights on building his dream home. As the NYT Style Magazine reports, Flohr bought an existing late-1960s chalet on six acres of farmland in St. Moritz and called the Milan-based interior designer Ivana Porfiri to design it.

After four years of construction, which Porfiri called “the longest project of my career,” the home was complete. One of the home’s final pieces was a desk inspired by the Bond films. “The minute I am finished my work wherever I am in the world, I get on the plane and come here,’’ Flohr tells The New York Times Style Magazine, adding, ‘‘wouldn’t you?”

The full interview can be read at nytimes.com.

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