Generations of Style: TAG Heuer Debuts the Limited Edition Carrera Monaco Grand Prix

To mark the 50 year journey that TAG Heuer has made, the limited edition Carrera Monaco Grand Prix exemplifies the new breed of the TAG Heuer Carrera name: A chronograph that celebrates the brand’s half-century birthday but also looks ahead to the next generation of watch design and craftsmanship.

The Grand Prix combines both the Carrera and the Monaco, two of the watchmaker’s most coveted pieces. But the Grand Prix name is a nod to the famous Formula 1 race that took place in the Mediterranean city-state – Monaco — and to the racing greats who’ve donned the watches (historical names like Jo Siffert, Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda). It measures 43 millimeters (a full seven wider than the 1963 Carrera case) and about 15mm high due to a larger mechanical motor. True to TAG’s fine attention to detail, the start-stop pusher is ringed in red and written around the bezel, again in red, are the words “Monaco Grand Prix” which puts the watch in a league of its own. But perhaps the most impressive trait found in the Carrera is the dial, which alternates silver, gray, black and a muted blue at all hours of the day, depending on how the watch catches the light.

Retaining the look and feel of the timeless motorsports piece, the Grand Prix is equipped with a comfortable, polished, thick tire-inspired rubber strap, which makes finding the perfect fit for every wrist almost too simple. Different from the 7750 Carreras, the Grand Prix does away with the stiff start-stop pusher, making the watch effortless to operate for both the watch collector and first-timer. Engraved on the sides in sapphire is the circular, stripped and industrial Monaco race logo, identical to every model that appears on the TAG chronographs.

The fine, limited edition watch retails for just over $5,600 in rubber and is available on the TAG Heuer website. Though it’s a step away from the traditional chronograph TAG is known for, the Grand Prix’s unique style truly makes it a watch for the modern motorsports enthusiast.

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