Tour The World in the Four Seasons Private Jet

Your next hotel stay is about to find a new home in the clouds. The Four Seasons hotel brand is making serious headway when it comes to setting the bar for private jet tours unbelievably high: The hotel maven just recently announced that they’ll be using a Four Seasons-branded Boeing 757 known as the Four Seasons Jet to take passengers on all-inclusive vacations.

To start, Four Seasons Jet will only be offering interested individuals three trips in 2015: Two globetrotting trips, Around the World in February and Around the World in August and a tour of European hot spots in April on the Backstage With the Arts tour. The luxury trips include multiple stops in multiple cities, with the April trip stopping in Paris, Milan, Istanbul and St. Petersburg. If that wasn’t enough to whet your whistle, sky-high accommodations will be provided through Four Seasons hotels, including guided tours, helicopter rides and private dinners.

Onboard, a concierge attends to passenger’s every whim and the transportation; planned excursions and accommodations are all provided exclusively by the Four Seasons.

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