The Formula 1 – Monte Carlo

The Formula One Monte Carlo race will see three days of practice runs before its qualifying leg on Saturday, May 28. The final, which has been an event in the Formula 1 story since 1950, will take place on Sunday, May 29. Taking on 78 laps around the circuit, this year’s Formula 1 Circuit has been hailed as a “rebuilding year” for many of the race’s legacy teams. Though Ferrari and Mercedes will, once again, be the teams to beat (and the teams to watch), FOX Sports predicted that Red Bull’s all-new RB12 challenger will have what it takes to take home third place overall this year. Before the season opened, noted that this year could be Mercedes’ strongest showing to date, while the publication says, “Renault will want to return with a bang and McLaren, after a dreadful 2015, cannot possibly spend another year at the back of the field.”

Though it’s clear the top spots will likely be a fight between Mercedes and Ferrari, such is the nature of Formula 1 that at this point, it’s still anyone’s race.

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