Fest300 — Bringing Festivals To Life

Created by Chip Conley and a team of veteran travel and festival experts, Fest300 boasts a top-of-the-line curated list of the world’s most-demand and must-see festivals. Celebrating everything from music, to film, to food, to sacred customs, parades, and traditions throughout the modern world, Fest300 has made connecting with the things you want and need to do all the more easier. According to the sites About page, Conley hopes to create a “new kind of concierge: part travel pro, part cultural anthropologist, and part armchair psychologist.” Fest300 is — plain and simple — a means to get interested travelers up out of their seats and excited to see the world.

Fest300 boasts an ever-growing list of adventure — and is updated regularly with information on upcoming festivals in every inch of the world. You can read up on upcoming shows, connect with others, win tickets, score insider info, and watch videos and multimedia from the shows and events you’ve been to or missed out on. You can sort by location, category, and festival dates in order to get the most up-to-date information on the events you’re most interested in.

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