Ferrari 155 Inter Coupe Auction

Today’s Goodwood Festival of Speed sale will auction off one of the most illustrious Ferraris made to date: the 155 Inter Coupe, featuring bodywork by the skilled hands of the Milan styling house Touring.

A bit of background on the coupe reveals that work initially started on the car in 1949 and just a year later it changed hands to Roman August Caraceni, most known for his infamous lineage – his dad, Domenico Caraceni was the “father of Italian tailoring.” But since the 50s, the Ferrari has changed hands a number of times, most notably owned by the Count of Castelbarco, Luigi Rezzonico Pindemonte.

Just by looking at the car, you can tell how rare the ride really is. Motoring expert for Bonhams, Philip Kantor, told the Telegraph, “It’s extremely rare to see one in this condition. This car has been superbly restored by Dino Cognolato to concours standard – and he’s right. The car was a novel design for the luxury brand: a sports car made for road use with touches from different styling houses and incredibly unique – only 37 were made between 1948 and 1950. And Kantor adds that though decades have made it vintage, it isn’t just a sit-around-and-stare-at type of piece.

“It is certainly useable,” he says, “and moreover eligible for many top events, including the Mille Miglia, having participated in three retrospectives to date.”

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