ETQ Amsterdam

Not a company based on fluff or filler, ETQ. Amsterdam was built on three defining principles: Clean, timeless and exceptional – and all three are flawlessly felt in everything they do (and make). The minimalistic shoe retails across a large bandwidth in European countries (The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom) as well as in South Korea. Incredibly, the company only makes seven different style shoes: Low Top 1, Low Top 2, Low Top 3, Mid Top, High Top, Desert Top and Boot, respectively; but behind every shoe is a detailed-oriented craftsmanship absent from the mass consumer marker. ETQ. shoes are handmade; with a precise attention to detail that sets them apart from any other shoemaker in the industry. The intention is simple, but yet so detailed, spotless and thoughtful. They do what they do so remarkably well – and they do it only seven different ways, in only a handful of colors.

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