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Offering some of the most prestigious scenery in all of Europe comes Italy’s coast. Visitors travel from all over the world to indulge and experience the Italian coast’s fantastic food, people, and atmosphere, making a perfect vacation destination. The Mediterranean coast of Italy offers geography ranging from mountains, volcanoes, and lakes, to spectacular beaches and islands. From quaint seaside villages to well-known tourist holiday spots, the Italian coast includes it all. Our highlighted destinations for the Italian Coast include Genoa, Palermo, and Bari. These locations give visitors a diverse collection of nightlife, dining, and hospitality accommodations. Whale organizes trips centred around exclusive experiences such as the Italian coast. Within a few minutes, you can sign up today and here more about the hospitality benefits received when playing at Whale Gaming. recommendations for Genoa

Located in northwest Italy as a part of the Liguria region is the city of Genoa. This destination brings together the historical and modern aspects of Italian culture. Still active as a major port city, Genoa and its port remains lively throughout all hours of the day. This energetic atmosphere coincides with the nightlife and daily culture of the city, outside of just sea trade. Some of the main attractions include Doge’s Palaca, Palace of Saint George, and the Aquarium of Genoa. Interesting enough, the city’s original defensive walls still stand dating back to the sixteenth century, which is also the longest stretch of original city walls in all of Italy. When travelling to Genoa the most sought-after hotel is the Grand Hotel Savoia. This five-star is located steps from the ancient harbour in central Genoa. A spa, rooftop bar, Italian restaurant, and an exquisite fitness centre are all available to guests of the Savoia. Italy’s authentic cities offer some of the best Italian cuisine known to the world. When travelling to Genoa, be sure to stop by Voltalacarta. Here, a reservation is required and tables are hard to come by, but for a once in a lifetime, pure Italian dining experience, Voltalacarta takes the cake. Moving on to nightlife, Genoa offers a more relaxed nighttime atmosphere than some our other destinations. La Bottega del conte rides along the idea of authentic Italian. Offering visitors top-notch cocktails and classic Italian wines. Located in the heart of Genoa and not far from the Grand Hotel Savoia, La Bottega del conte is the perfect place to wind down after exploring the city of Genoa. Next, we will head south to the city of Palermo. recommendations for Palermo

Palermo, the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, is known for its vibrant culture and beautiful people. Located on the north end of the island overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo boasts not only gorgeous scenery but also a historic impression on its visitors. Walking through the busy streets and shopping in the markets is a must in this 9th-century city. Popular destinations within Palermo include the Cappella Palatina, Teatro Massimo, and the Palazzo dei Normanni. Our recommended hotel during your stay in Palermo is the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea. Not only does the Villa Igiea offer an upscale accommodation, it is also in the perfect part of the city, allowing guests to make the most of their time in Palermo. The staff is extremely hospitable and accommodating to requests of any guest. The Villa Igiea includes fantastic facilities and grounds and, of course, a fantastic Italian restaurant. The island is a diverse European city, and with diverse people comes diverse cuisine. A’Cuncuma restaurant is another high-end dining experience that combines Mediterranean flavours with authentic Italian dishes. A’Cuncuma has received high praise and is one of the most prestigious in all of Sicily. Although pricey, this experience is once in a lifetime. After dinner, once the sun goes down, it’s time to take on the nightlife of Palermo. I Candelai is a disco club sitting in the heart of downtown Palermo. The venue constantly hosts concerts and other events. It has been known to draw a large queue into the night so be sure to arrive earlier. Moving forward, our final highlighted Italian Coast destination is Bari. recommendations for Bari

On the southern edge of Italy facing the Adriatic Sea comes Bari. The city itself is smaller than two of the previous cities on the Italian coast but offers a more quaint vacation experience. Bari is lesser of a tourist destination but is notable for its rich culture and historic pastime. Local cuisine is key and the surrounding area supplies some of the purest wheat, olive oil, and wine in all of Italy. Our recommended sights and experiences include the St. Nicholas Basilica, the Swabian Castle, and the Old Town district. Situated on the beach, Mazzarelli Creative Resort is a modern and stunning option for your stay in Bari. The hospitality is superb and well worth the price, but the most notable aspect of this hotel is a beautiful pool and beach looking out into the Adriatic Sea. The resort offers guests a private and quiet visit, perfect for a honeymoon or any romantic getaway. The authenticity of bare ingredients is what makes the cuisine in Bari so special. La Bul covers all expectations, giving their guests a perfect taste of the difference that Bari has to offer. The knowledgeable wait staff will recommend the perfect wine to pair your meal with for you and your party. La Bul is truly an Italian delicacy. Moving into the night, Noise is one of the most popular nightlife venues in the Bari area. Labelled as an “Art Room Brewery,” Noise is smaller but grants guests a spectacular time with great beer, cocktails, and music. Be sure to stop by any of these venues during your stay in the quaint and beautiful Bari. is famous for their epic events and exclusive trips, one of this summers most popular was the Italien coast. As a betting website that provides real-world hospitality benefits to its members, travel experiences to destinations such as the above is a perfect example of what we can offer. To hear more about the advantages of playing with Whale, please contact us at

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