Devialet’s All-New Audio Systems

Machined from a single block of aluminum, the Devialet 240, Devialet 170 and Devialet 110 were created to effortlessly connect impeccable audio engineering to audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

The latest systems engineered from ADH and SAM technologies were all designed to meet and surpass the most grueling specifications. The 240, for instance, includes proprietary digital-to-analog converters, produces 240 watts per channel of stereo amplification, can be paired with any other 240 in a dual-monoblock configuration that can generate 500 watts of power to a single speaker.

Retailing for $6,495, $9,495 and $17,495, the Devialet 110, 170 and 240, respectively, all include an innumerable of connections ranging from Ethernet for digital audio streaming, phono inputs for turntable connection, Wi-Fi streaming capability and Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablet syncing.

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