Damien Hirst’s Mural at LA’s Otium

A large-scale photographic mural produced by Damien Hirst is now on exhibition in downtown Los Angeles at Otium, Bill Chait’s newest Sprout LA restaurant collaboration. Otium sits adjacent to The Broad, the LA-based art foundation. “Isolated Elements” measures more than 84 feet by 32 feet and was based off two earlier Hirst sculptures created in 1991: “Isolated Elements Swimming in the Same Direction for the Purpose of Understanding,’ Left and Right. The cabinets, sourced by Hirst himself, contain 38 types of fish, and serve as one of the earliest examples of an artist’s use of animals preserved in formaldehyde.

“Our approach to Otium since its earliest days has been to highlight our partnership with and adjacency to The Broad and to create links wherever possible to the artistic community in Los Angeles and on Grand Avenue,” Bill Chait, the managing partner of Sprout L.A. and restaurant owner of Otium told reporters. He continued, “Having a mural of a work on the façade by a major contemporary artist underscores that connection, and we were thrilled that Damien Hirst was interested in having his work featured. We think it is the ideal work for the exterior, both beautiful and provocative.”

Fourteen other pieces of Hirst’s works will be on display at The Broad, including “Away From the Flock” (1994), “Chlorpropamide (pfs)” (1996), and “Something Solid Beneath the Surface of All Creatures Great and Small” (2001).

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