Cuca Fresca, The Summer’s Hottest Beverage

Cachaça, the key ingredient in Cuca Fresca, is similar to rum, but made from fresh sugarcane juice that’s fermented and distilled into it’s own unique beverage. Cachaça was always extremely popular in Brazil, but since it’s 2013 legalization in the US and the rapid popularity of the Caipirinha – a summery cocktail favorite of the celebrity-set, made of mixed cachaça, ice, sugar, and lime – cachaça is now making waves on the global stage.

Cuca Fresca has fended off imitators trying to cash-in on the drink’s refreshing, sweet esteem; none have been able to capture the all-natural, USDA-certified organic taste that Cuca Fresca provides. Now, the brand proudly sells three cachaça-based products: Cuca Fresca Prata, a premium silver cachaça double distilled, tripled filtered, and aged one year in oak; Cuca Fresca Ouro, a premium gold cachaça aged for four years in Jequitiba, a native Brazilian wood; and the classic Cuca Caipirinha, the ready-to-drink cocktail made with cachaça, lime juice and natural cane sugar. You can also find a range of well presented ready-made recipes on the Cuca Fresca site.

While Cuca has enjoyed a bevy of success, backing from partner and investor Snoop Dogg hasn’t exactly hurt either. In a press release announcing the rapper’s stake in the brand, Snoop said, “I’m excited to partner with the good people at Cuca Fresca. I have mad love for the Brazilian people and culture, and look forward to spreading the world about cachaça and the cool vibes of the country to the US.”

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