Cloning Prize-Winning Ponies

In an investigative report cataloguing the popularity of champion-pony clones, Vanity Fair chronicles the decision to clone ponies, the arguments for and against cloning ponies, and the rising popularity of the once-unthinkable act.

In 2006, five-time champion Adolfo Cambiaso’s favorite horse Aiken Cura’s front leg gave out. Despite his cries to save the horse’s leg “whatever it takes”, Cura was euthanized after amputation below the knee. But before Cura went on to roam greener pastures, Cambiaso asked a veterinarian to retain a skin sample. He told Vanity Fair, “I just thought maybe, someday, I could do something with the cells.” And do something he did.

Cambiaso would later use cloning technology to bring Cura back to life. The story, published online for Vanity Fair, details Cambiaso’s story: the birth of Aiken Cura E01, the legion of clones who’ve followed in his footsteps, and the costly future that hasn’t deterred players, enthusiasts, and companies alike.

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