Riding a huge wave of momentum toward legalization throughout the United States, it’s a very exciting time for the marijuana industry. It’s nothing short of a new California gold rush, and provides marijuana enthusiasts the opportunity to choose from a endless number of products. Chroncierge is one company positioned to be key player in this space for a long time to come, and if you’re seeking high grade product, you needn’t look any further.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them before — Chroncierge has forged a strong connection to the music scene, hosting some of the best parties during the always star studded Coachella festival. And even collaborates directly with hip hop artists, like Freddie Gibbs, to create their own signature strains. From your initial contact with Chroncierge online, right down to delivery of the product, every aspect is crisp and considered.

But what makes Chroncierge special is the marijuana, and the master growers who have made it their mission to produce the best in the world. They go to great efforts in sourcing and cultivating the finest and rarest plants anywhere. That expertise and passion comes through in the finished product, with accolades and customers in growing abundance. It’s only available to Members online currently, but after joining up, Chroncierge will in turn deliver the highest quality around, right to your doorstep.

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