Business Class Only from London to New York

Odyssey Airlines announced that they will soon offer business-class only flights between London City Airport and New York City. After securing more than 5 million euro in funding so far, the airliner also announced that they could start shuttling passengers back and forth in as early as 2016, as long as the money – and interest — is there. Using a Kickstarter-like platform known as Crowdcube, the firm has already received more than five and half million toward their 60 million goal by the end of 2015.

The UK Telegraph noted that the route will be flown by a Bombardier CS100 aircraft that can comfortably carry up to 40 business-class passengers per flight. The announcement also included the fact that the airline will feature the longest fully flat beds on the market, providing flyers will the look and feel of a luxury liner minus the cost.

Though they’ve let the initial news simmer, Odyssey has remained mum on a few other important details, like which NYC airport route will be served and whether or not they’ll soon expand into other northeastern American cities, as well whether or not they’ll fly the skies in Canada, the neighboring Middle East as well as the rest of Europe.

Odyssey is the most recent airline provider to join the ranks of seat-specific travel – which begs the question, does business-class only have the staying power to outfly the competition?

Only time – and crowd funding – will tell.

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