Burning Man Festival

The one-of-a-kind life experience known as “Burning Man” will be returning to the Nevada desert late August. The festival celebrates art, music, spoken word, and the synergy of thousands of people coming together to form “Blackrock City,” a temporary living area where residents spend a week with one another in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. The festival began in the mid-1980s in San Francisco, California and has now grown into one of the most unusual and unique festivals in the world. The signature staple of the festival revolves around a large sculpture made of a wood called “The Man.” throughout the history of Burning Man the sculpture has become an icon and grown throughout the years. In 1986 The Man stood 8 feet tall and drew a gathering of about 35 people. 2019 will feature a sculpture towering more than 100 feet and is expected to host a crowd of over 70,000 people. This year’s edition will take place during the week of August 25th through September 2nd. Black Rock City is dedicated to art and community as it relies on its guests to self support the pop-up residences. This festival sure is unlike any you have ever seen before, tickets are available through the Burning Man website or can be resold online. Tickets range from $425 to upwards of $1200 for the week-long adventure.

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As Black Rock City relies purely on the participation of its guests to enhance the experience, many activities and sights are prevalent within the area. Art installations will be projected throughout the city, ranging from small murals to medieval castles. The theme for 2019 is “metamorphosis.” This theme draws upon the idea that Burning Man, along with the world, is an ever-changing experience. Non-artistic guests are encouraged to participate through volunteering around the city, assisting with the construction of the art projects, or even collaborating on a project of their own through Spark. Black Rock City runs on the idea of leaving no trace, meaning all forms of waste, trash, and remnants of any kind must be completely gone before the city comes to an end on the 2nd of September. Around the staple, Burning Man structure is the living quarters on one side of the design plan for 2019. Living quarters range from pop-up tents to contemporary shelters for larger groups or families. One permitted on the site, no cash transactions are allowed to support the idea of community and one-for-another.

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Travelling around the city has also been one of the key factors within Black Rock. Walking, biking, running, and even ATVs are some of the popular options for getting around town, but the mutant vehicles are the most unique. The mutant vehicles are motorized transportation devices that are usually modelled after some original form of transportation, with a little Black Rock City creative twist. Examples include a space ship with wheels and a large burning clock sitting atop, a 10-foot tall bicycle with art dragging behind it, and whatever anyone could possibly imagine classifies as a mutant vehicle. The term “mutant vehicle” was actually passed by the DMV in which allows anyone with a valid driver’s license to operate because of the number of mutant vehicles permitted in the city. The term was originally titled “art car” until the term proved to be too broad for proper classification within the DMV. Today, all those hoping to bring in their mutant creations are required to register it with upon arrival to Black Rock City.

Whale Insight on Participating in Burning Man

Activities and things to do within the city grounds ranges upon the most unheard of. Guests can enjoy learning to breathe fire with the Fire Conclave, a group of fire performance groups that have choreographed routines of impressive skill around the flame. Within the center of camp, guests can and will be seen performing various shows including stand up comedy, spoken word, and even many well-known bands will surprise guests at Black Rock and play a few songs. One of the beautiful aspects is that anyone and everyone is allowed to perform in some way, shape, form, of fashion at Black Rock. The community aspect that drives the city also drives their guests to perform and showcase their creativity amongst thousands of others. Near the final hours of the festival the staple “Man” will be burned while thousands of community members gather around to watch the sculpture engulf in flames in the middle of the city. This “festival” is one-of-a-kind because it encourages the use of self-reliance and self-expression, allowing all members to be one of their own while supporting and encouraging the sufficiency of their fellow Black Rock City residents. This aspect truly makes Burning Man a once in a lifetime opportunity. Be sure to get your tickets for Burning Man coming to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada this August.

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