Billionaire’s Paradise – Inside Necker Island

For the first time ever Richard Branson took thousands of UK viewers deep inside Necker Island. Home to his family and his international commercial success, the one-hour BBC Two special marked the first-ever behind-the-scenes look at one of the most exclusive Caribbean destinations in the world.

The intimate film looks inside Branson’s infamous Necker Island, where everyone from Princess Diana to Harry Styles has enjoyed a private, secluded reprieve from the world. Necker Island was imagined with an idea in mind: to marry an award-winning Caribbean dream to the world’s wealthiest and most powerful clienteles’ needs. Since its inception, it’s done nothing but deliver for each and every billionaire who’s docked on its shores.

But the film also featured the challenges wedged deep inside the island, touching on the struggles of maintaining surf, sand and supreme sophistication in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

If you can’t catch the special on TV, you can watch it for a limited time online through the BBC or via the YouTube clip above.

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