Back9Network’s Fresh Perspective Offers a Luxe Look at the Golf Lifestyle

Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Back9Network is the latest up-and-coming golf lifestyle venture that allows enthusiasts to watch and interact with the golf world. Developed as a complementary alternative to the traditional media focus on professional golf tournament coverage, Back9Network, the television network and media company both are focused on bringing compelling storytelling, interviews and instruction, travel, gear and interesting personalities and characters to the forefront of the media focus for every age.

Along with the channel, the freshly redesigned website features an upgraded user experience with an ad-supported online clubhouse. Free content, dynamic video, columns, coverage and commentary from more than 30 contributors across the globe, the modern website boasts a clean, user-friendly design tailor-mad for optimized viewing on any device.

It’s still golf, only now like you’ve never seen it before.

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